“The course is not complicated; it's easy to use, convenient and detailed enough to grasp what you need to know during and after pregnancy. It has very detailed helpful tips and advice on baby care, mommy care and creating a safe and comfortable nursery.”

Johannes - New Jersey

“I am so grateful to have underwent the course, it helped me understand the things that are going thru after child birth, and it provided me with positivism that it's okay to make mistakes, and there's always room for improvement, and that things will get better eventually.”

Paola - Manila

“The Newborn Course provided so much more information. It's easy to use, easy to understand, easy to follow. The contents are very detailed and make it extremely easy to understand.  It's more complete and it's easier to search for topics compared with books.”

Florrie - Langhorne

"I knew nothing about infant nutrition. Nearly every bit of the content in that section was new information to me. I’ve read very few parenting books, but NewbornCourse seems like the most comprehensive source for parenting. I also like the ability to navigate topics without needing multiple sources. It is all in one place."

Patrick- Temecula

"I loved how cohesive these courses were...leading from one question/concern to the next and giving new parents priceless advice.  Very interactive, love the instructional videos!"    

Norma - New York

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